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About The founder...

He's been a professional trader, analyst and systems developer for the last 13 years. He's had numerous media appearances for his market analysis expertise including many appearances on WebFN and AOL's MarketTalk in addition to being a weekly guest on the Jeff Wyman Radio Show. He's also been quoted in various financial publications. After graduating CumLaude with a B.S. in Finance, Decision Science and Information Systems disciplines, he was ready to dive head first into the realm of trading and systems analysis, into which he'd already put many years into systems development. He traded his own private account for two years before his methodologies became such that he had more time on his hands and he needed another challenge. He decided to give the fruits of his hard work to the masses and became a Research Analyst and Portfolio Manager for one of the nation's fastest growing Investment Research Advisory firms. After providing intuitive research, analysis and market commentary for four years, as the Lead Market Analyst and Senior Research Analyst, in 2003 he left to start The MiniAnalyst.com.

The focus of this website is very simple. To make our clients money. Although you'll get very accurate and timely market analysis and commentary delivered on a daily basis, the real focus is to make consistent money over time, as our results clearly demonstrate. And with performance showing an average return of more than $50,000 per year, or five times (500%) the initial investment (10k) PER YEAR over each of the last six years in concert with six years of steadfast market discipline to provide discretion when required, in conjunction with accurate market timing commentary and analysis daily, as well as offering autotrading for those without the time to trade themselves...all at a great price hundreds, even thousands less than our competitors, you can see why the choice is clear...The MiniAnalyst.com.